Viktor Tsoi – big tribute show

Flyer for Viktor Tsoi – big tribute show.

Viktor Robertovich Tsoi was a Soviet singer and songwriter who co-founded Kino, one of the most popular and musically influential bands in the history of Russian music.
He is regarded as one of the pioneers of Russian rock and is credited with popularizing the genre throughout the Soviet Union. He retains a devoted following in many ex-Soviet countries, such as Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan, where he is known as one of the most influential and popular people in the history of Russian music.

On august 16, will take place a unique event in the life of Riga, a big tribute concert in memory of Viktor Tsoi.
This event will be held with the support of the best artists and musical groups from Latvia.

Flyer is made in a low-key rock style with the addition of modern elements that have never been present on such flyers. Color scheme is partially taken from the one of Kino albums cover.